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What We Do

Augmenting Big Data with Consumer Research

Measuring ‘real’ behaviour using our passive measurement tools helps clients with the "what" and "why" behind consumer behaviour.  Building on in-depth understanding of the media and entertainment sectors, we can accelerate the research process and help clients find solutions ahead of their competition.

Opening-Up Digital Walled Gardens

Using ground-breaking technology, we passively measure the digital behaviour of consumers, giving our clients an accurate picture of activity across devices.  Using our proprietary GDPR compliant panels, we can see beyond the “walled gardens” of online media properties and apps, lifting the lid on previously inaccessible metrics, delivering granular and sequential consumption data.

Syndicated Products and Services

AMPD Vision® Syndicated Product

AMPD Vision® is a first of its kind service that passively measures consumption on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and personal computers. It utilizes a permission-based panel of consumers who consent to the collection of their session-based activity.  The data reported is anonymized and conforms to data privacy legislation in markets where the service operates including European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Republic of Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) which delivers parallel compliance in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member states.


The service is offered in partnership with RealityMine Ltd who co-created the technology that enables data collection across devices.


Four syndicated services are available, each designed to meet the needs of clients by delivering data via management-friendly dashboards and advanced analytics tools:



AMPD Vision® VOD. Offers clients a consolidated granular view of streaming media consumption across global and regional VOD services on mobile devices and computers, delivering KPIs for platforms, titles and genres across the streaming entertainment ecosystem.


AMPD Vision® Apps. Reveals the apps and software that panelists have installed on their device, when they are used and for how long. The event-based sessions deliver sequential behaviour & cross-app visitation data.


AMPD Vision® Web. Delivers a complete view of online browsing activity across mobile and desktop devices. The service provides a session-by-session view of the domains, URLs and search queries generated by consumers.

AMPD Vision® Commerce. For media clients with major consumer products portfolios, our data unlocks previously inaccessible metrics within retail and E-commerce properties such as product page views, internal search queries, price comparisons, add to basket, and purchase confirmation events.

AMPD Custom Research Activities

We develop custom research tools that deliver ad-hoc solutions and tracking studies utilizing a range innovative and traditional quantitative and qualitative techniques.  The solutions we develop cover the following areas:

Media Branding- We have developed a brand evaluation tool kit, designed specifically for the media & entertainment sectors that focus on the following areas:

•    Tracking longitudinal media brand health
•    Brand diagnostics that inform growth strategies
•    Marketing funnel efficiency metrics that drive performance
•    Understanding brand efficacy across platforms


Production Development- Using a variety of techniques from survey gamification to commercial ethnography we help content creators and media owners with insights that cover critical development issues including:

•    Informing culturally relevant content creation
•    Library optimization & acquisition strategies
•    Localization & format execution
•    Concept testing & series maintenance


Content Distribution Strategy- Getting content to market, while optimizing revenue, requires expert insight into both distributors and the customers they serve. Out solutions can drive revenue when and where it matters.  Our insight solutions tackle the following areas:

•    Augmenting linear & OTT channel distribution
•    Content pricing & packaging strategies
•    Establishing consumer-based content & entertainment brand valuation
•    Supporting Pay TV affiliate negotiations

Revenue Optimization- Evaluating the efficacy and ROI of advertising across traditional linear television or on AVOD platforms is the foundation that keeps clients coming back. We have both technology and survey-based solutions that gets to the heart of brand engagement Our solutions are designed to report on the following:

•    Advertising campaign evaluation
•    Campaign attribution & lift analysis
•    Advertising creative & copy testing
•    Cross-platform reach and frequency analysis


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